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We are wbtunix

We bring AI solutions to the world, today and every other day.

We’re working to connect people to the AI world with our inventions and solutions. We’re a Indian company with a pursuit of progress for every business. We experiment with AI technologies and discover ways to enhance organizational growth.

Impressive Works Since 2010
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Global Experience & Passion

We have a professional AI team crafting solutions for established organizations for more than 5 years.

Innovative & Flexible

Webtunix has been fairly creative & innovative in designing solutions and flexible in implementing them to different businesses.

Business Solution Provider


We are transparent in our service costs and progress we make each day with our projects.

Revolutionary Solutions

We think out of the box and all our brainstorming efforts are focused on deriving the most favorable results for your business.

Quality Control & Assurance

We value quality and develop assurance for our customers by paying attention to the details.